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Building Emotional Resilience One Page at a Time

Author Interviews  

By Lindsay Hoffman:
Author Hillary Harper used those emotions as inspiration behind a new children's book to be a resource for parents and educators hoping to support children's mental health. It's called "1-2-3 A Deep Breath For Me," a story that helps children experiencing anxiety know that they’re not alone through the heartwarming tale of two adorable dogs, one of which struggles with his feelings of fear and anxiousness.

The Importance of Being Thankful

Good Morning Arizona 
Interview in November 2023

Literary Reviews 

In direct, easy-to-follow language, the book teaches important lessons about the transformative power of friendship and the importance of finding courage in the face of fear.

-Kirkus Indie Review


This is a great story to share with children, whether they have any particular anxieties or not. Learning to take a few breaths and help yourself calm down in a situation that makes you nervous or upset is a useful skill at any stage of life.

-The Fairway Review 

   1, 2, 3, A Deep Breath for Me is an enjoyable story and a practical,   accessible tool for teaching young readers about emotional regulation.

- The Children's Book Review


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