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Award Winning Children's Books

Winner of the 2023 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards- Gold Medal!
No disrespect to turkeys, but it’s time to put a new face on Thanksgiving stories for kids! In the charming children’s picture book, Thankful FUR You, author Hillary Harper turns the tables on the typical turkey-themed tale and features a cuddly canine who (like a lot of folks) fears that Thanksgiving will be overshadowed by Christmas — or even skipped altogether. Perfect for preschool- and elementary school-age audiences, Thankful FUR You captures the spirit of the holiday and dishes up life lessons about the importance of gratitude and giving thanks.


“1-2-3, a deep breath for me,

4-5-6, blow it out like candlesticks,

7-8-9, everything will be fine,

when I get to 10, I do it again.”

1-2-3, A Deep Breath for Me focuses on teaching self-regulation skills and calming techniques to children who are experiencing anxiety.


Narrated from the perspective of an anxious dog named Mack, the book follows his journey of learning to cope with his uneasy feelings with the help of his new best friend, Gertie the puggle.


By following Mack's journey, children can learn breathing exercises, visualization techniques, and other self-soothing activities that can be practiced in their daily lives.


This book also serves as a valuable resource for parents and educators looking to support children's mental health.

Classroom Resources

Looking for easy-to-use printables that are aligned with state content standards for grades K-3? Our teacher printables are designed to engage students and make planning a breeze. Created by teachers for teachers, our printables cover a wide range of topics and are constantly updated to ensure that they are meeting the highest standards.

Teacher Reviews:

"​Very helpful! Kids loved doing this! Thank you!" - Danielle M.

​"This packet helps students organize their thinking clearly so they end up with a cohesive and well-written essay that they can be proud of.

Excellent resource!" - Lisa S.

"I used this in conjunction to my district mandated performance task.

Great addition! Thank you!"-  Dani B.

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Storytime & Author Visits

My author visit offers an exceptional and unforgettable opportunity for students to meet a published author. The session includes a book signing, a story writing lesson, guidance on the publishing process, as well as a read aloud activity that will ignite their imagination. I am passionate about inspiring the next generation of writers and believe that this visit will be a valuable addition to any school's curriculum.

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